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A Note From Our Founder


I trust this finds you well.  I am excited to introduce you, our primary objective and area of focus is to provide unprecedented opportunity to create, evolve and solve some of the hardest challenges we face as an ESG community. was founded in 2018, our organization taps into the vast experience of the world’s best environmental, risk and governance professionals and companies. provides practitioners an opportunity to network, receive awards and create measures for the sustainability and societal impact of their organizations.   I founded after 16 years of running eGRC.COM which is a boutique Governance, Risk and Compliance consulting firm.  eGRC.COM is fortunate enough to provide services in the global Fortune community, with an emphasis on large financial services institutions.


After each engagement, we found ourselves creating baselines of governance related output, information, and activities, from Process Flows to Risk Calculations, leveraging the same capabilities and activities across entities.  The lexicon of knowledge is the gift from eGRC.COM to along with a clear mission and mandate to support the practitioner community in establishing, Rules, Norms, and Institutional Mechanisms to support our blossoming industry.


In large part, I founded to provide us the practitioners with the support that we require to assist our respective companies to navigate the unchartered waters of ESG.


What is ESG.ORG

ESG.ORG’s focus is on you, the practitioners.


Our Vision: We aim to foster growth in the ESG community.  We utilize governance to help ESG practitioners define a future that is achievable and measurable. We work with board members, corporate executives, ESG professionals, governments, associations, nonprofits and global citizens to benefit from ESG.


Our Mission: To be the leading professional association for ESG practitioners, dedicated to the advancement of the ESG profession through education, research, and the promotion of best practices globally.


In addition to this newsletter, we have several other engagement opportunities available, including the ESG Roundtable Podcast, the ESG Reporter and committee opportunities to help us build out


ESG In the News

Visit our ESG Reporter ( to read up to date information on ESG.


Enter the last three articles from the ESG Reporter with a link (use similar format to the ESG Reporter links on the home page of the website).


Article #1 – ESG awareness is growing among corporate directors: PwC survey 

Article #2  Monroe’s Uddin: “ESG Will Be a Dominant Theme for the Next Two Decades” 

Article #3  Recent scandals underscore the importance of governance in ESG 


Call To Action

A number of large, global companies and individuals have already joined  We have both Individual and Corporate membership packages, please visit our website for more information (


If you would like to learn more about ESG.ORG, please sign-up for one of our LinkedIn groups ( or (ESG – Environmental, Social & Governance Professionals) and consider being a guest on an upcoming ESG Roundtable Podcast or writing an article for a future newsletter.


Submit your request on the Contact Page at (

Until next time, keep doing great things!

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